Feeding the tiger

GRIN # 148

By now you all know I’m not real keen on the dinner thing. Or preparing food in general. And yet it falls to me because I work from home.

Whatever. It has to be done.

But NOW. Sigh. How to explain? In a nutshell, my husband has a freakishly weird problem and, unfortunately, I may have to help him solve it.

Basically, Jerry is so active at work and with cycling that he’s not eating enough nor the right kinds of foods to fuel his body. We found this out after he had a few episodes of blurry vision, seeing spots etc. After ruling out a heart attack (for which I’m truly grateful) the news is that his blood sugar is so low it basically can’t sustain his uh, well, life. You see the dilemma.

So, it’s off to the nutritionist, who counsels him to eat every two hours (like a baby!)–whole grains, protein blah, blah, blah to build these levels back up.

Jerry does this. AND LOSES WEIGHT!!

I hate him.

And, frankly, I’m very grumpy about the whole thing. Because I tried to diet for my reunion which resulted in a lot of talking about dieting.

So we consult the nutrition lady again because Jerry doesn’t have a pound to lose. “You just need to eat more calories at each feeding,” she tells us.

This is harder than it sounds. I can’t load him up on fast food and Hagen Daz. Believe me, I thought about it.

“It feels like I suddenly have a pet tiger,” I told Jerry. “You’re in the backyard, and I don’t what the hell to feed you. Should I just lob some raw chickens over the fence?”

“We could go by Harris Teeter and get one of those roasted chickens.”

“Jerry, we JUST ate!” (This was last night).

“No. It was about 90 minutes ago. It was just a snack.”

Okay. I have an announcement: I am NOT doing dual dinners every night. This may be a deal-breaker.

We went to BJs and spent $50 bucks on nuts and dried fruit so the tiger can have things to nosh on all day.

“It looks like we’re having a party,” I said, as we unloaded everything and I doled it out into baggies.

And I have to change the way I cook, too. I really don’t know what to do. Apparently I make too much pasta. Jerry gave me the lists from the nutritionist, and I don’t even know what some of the stuff is. What is quinoa, ground flax seed and millet? What do I do with that? Remember what happened with the edamame, which I ate in the hulls? And I don’t want to think about what to do with these weird things. I don’t want to learn!!

I don’t really know if I can afford to feed Jerry anymore either. The nutritionist said he needs 6,000 to 7,000 calories a day on a big ride day. That’s just freakishly STRANGE!!!! Is anyone with me on this??

And does anyone have any good recipes? Or ideas?

Or extra food they want to donate to the tiger?


8 Responses to “Feeding the tiger”

  1. Hey Chrissy. I struggle to get enough protein now too since I eat mostly vegetarian. I have a few Quinoa recipes I’d be glad to share with you. Other ideas – cottage cheese and greek yogurt. They have a lot of protein. I eat tons of almonds and cashews every day. You could also go to whole foods and ask one of the regulars who work there. They would probably give you some ideas. Their “bar” section has lots of relatively healthy food bars that are packed with protein. These are good to take on a ride.

    • Thanks Stacey!! We’re set in the “bar” department. It’s meals we need help with. I’d love a recipe or two with Greek Yogurt and cottage cheese. That sounds great–and easy!

  2. OK, I have weird taste buds maybe, but when I need to add calories, I like Ensure Plus (chocolate or vanilla). Gives you an extra 360 or something calories a day. And a snack I’ve found that helps me is what I call “peanut butter pudding” (if you can imagine that!). Put a big spoonful of peanut butter in a mug, microwave it for 30 seconds, add a spoonful or so of sugar, mix it up til the sugar melts, then mix in vanilla yogurt to taste. Seems like I started doing that with cashew butter, which is very yummy, but VERY thick. Cashew butter got too expensive so I switched to PB. đŸ™‚

  3. Is it bad for his health to..erm ..just leave him hungry. You may unleash something if you feed him. Glad you got a handle on it though

  4. Send Jerry over to my house for a week … I bet I could fatten him up:-)

    • Seriously, that’s crossed my mind. I almost sent him down to the Penas on Sunday–they had a big old spread Michelle was telling me about. My mom says I need to make meat loaf. Loaf of meat. Hands in meat. You know how I feel about that.

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