Gone for good?

GRIN # 150

I watched from my office window the other day as yet another phone book landed in the driveway.

I lugged it up the drive and dumped it in the garage–the wasteland for everything unwanted at my house. We get about three phone books a year, and they all go in the garage until Jerry and I get in a fight about the mess, and he goes on a massive purging spree. I’m not sure where the phone books end up. I’d like to say they were recycled. That one of us took the time to investigate where you can drop off these unwanted paper behemoths. But I don’t want to lie.

Instead, I’ll wonder aloud: When are they going to stop making the damn things? This could be Al Gore’s next big crusade now that he’s single and has a little extra time on his hands. He could snag another Nobel Peace Prize.

The funny thing is, I remember about six years ago perusing the Yellow Pages before my wedding anniversary and looking at the ads to pick out a place to eat. Now, I wouldn’t give that book the time of day. Times they are a changin’.

That got me thinking about other things that may be on their way out:

  • Cheese shredders: Remember those? I donated mine a few years ago. Who has time or wants bloody fingers?
  • Film: Although my mom still uses disposable cameras.
  • Cassette tapes: Just gave two of these to my mom. (C’mon mom, get with it!).
  • Fax machines: Scanning and pdf files, baby.
  • Floppy disks: Jump drives.
  • Salad spinners: Those have always been stupid.

What else? Stamps? Checkbooks? House phones?

Please don’t say newspapers.


10 Responses to “Gone for good?”

  1. I totally agree with you about the phonebooks…I have stacks of them! But I know they still get used because I get calls from small towns all over from people that don’t know how to use the internet. And I had to write a check the other day and couldn’t remember where to put everything – I always use debit or online. But I have to differ with you on a grater and salad spinner…first, you just don’t have the right type of grater to not shred your fingers off, and second, I use my spinner almost daily! Tear up the salad into the basket, rinse to remove the e-coli, and then spin away. Of course, since mine is Tupperware, it comes with a seal so you can store the salad too. HMMM Maybe you just need to have me do a Tupperware Party for you…*wink*

  2. I wouldn’t mind burying those ginsu knives you always saw on TV. I mean who really needs a knife you can cut a tin can with? So long as the knife cuts the bread that I make a sandwich with I’ll be the happiest camper in the park. 🙂

  3. Hey my car does not have a CD player I am with it also grated chesse is cheaper if you do yourself of course I did not figure in the cost of Bandaids for the fingers I have some phone books if you have more room on your garage or I guess you could sneak yours over here

  4. Just wanted to let you know that you can now recycle phone books in the recycle bin in Apex. I am guessing you guys have one of those…it’s usually a green retangular box without a lid. You put it out the same day as the reg. trash. : )

    • I did NOT know that. Thank you!!! The poor recycle guy’s back is going to go out.

      • Bethypoo Says:

        The recycle guys don’t even get out of the vehicle…just too easy to automate….and spill your garbage all over the road…some things are better left the old way!! NOW I REALLY FEEL OLD!!

      • Well, you’re in good company! Eons ago in Cary, they used to come around to the back of the house to get the garbage. Amazing, huh?

  5. OMG — you are cracking me up! I’m totally with you on the phone books (AND they drop them at our work !) The cheese grater is a good one too — I’ll have my cheese without skin, thank you!

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