School, glorious school…

GRIN # 156

I have to say it: I love Tyler’s school (Olive Chapel Elementary) and all the teachers and staff I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I just thought I’d put that out there. I feel like all the complaining, nagging whiners get all the attention and frankly I get sick of hearing it. Teaching is a dang hard job and a calling. I wouldn’t last 18 minutes.

Tyler’s school year is coming to an end tomorrow. But for the last three days, his first-grade teachers have come up with some creative and fun ways to celebrate. Yesterday was Pajama Day, which entailed the kids wearing their pajamas to school, reading by flashlight and making forts with blankets.

Man, kids have come a long way. You couldn’t have paid me to wear my pajamas to school in 1979. When I was his age, a girl brought my nightgown to school in a brown paper grocery bag (I’d left it at her house at a sleepover). I was so embarrassed to have my nightwear carted to school I denied it was mine.

I think she finally threw it away.

But yesterday, they lined up for the bus, blankies in tow.

I’m all for it. Comfort first!


4 Responses to “School, glorious school…”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Oh heck yea… I want wear jammies to work day!! that is the only thing I miss about working from home… I could just wear my comfy clothes!! 🙂

  2. Agreed, Chrissy! The teachers have been wonderful and the kids are learning so much. Neither of my kids want to leave their fabulous teachers this year.

    • Thanks, Stacey. We’re lucky to have such a good school so close by. All of my Raleigh writer friends send their kids to private schools. And writers don’t make squat so it must be pretty bad.

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