You can always go “DOWNTOWN”

GRIN # 159

Man, are my calves hurting today–and yesterday! Every time I go down the stairs–OUCH!

And you won’t believe what did it: water aerobics.

Yep. No trainer this time. Mama didn’t raise no fool.

The median age in my water aerobics class is about 67.

And the music makes me laugh.

I’m sloshing around to “Downtown.”

When you’re alone and life is making you lonely/you can always go/Downtown. Downtown! Things will be great when you’re DOWNTOWN, no finer place for sure Downnnntownnn….

It’s stuck in my head, probably like it’s stuck in yours now. You’re welcome. Just in time for the holiday weekend.

No matter. The point is, my calves hurt, but I can still walk. That’s a step-up from my trainer experience. And I’m one of the youngest people there, which, frankly, is a bonus. For once,  I can be the over-achiever. The one in the front, keeping up, smiling, humming along to Downtown.

It’s a hell of a lot better than being the one with my head between my knees or needing assistance to the terlit.

Things really are great when you’re Downtown.


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