It sounds good in theory…

GRIN # 163

BUT IN REALITY, NOT SO MUCH. My top four picks:

  • Natural childbirth: As my obstetrician told me, you don’t get a medal for suffering. If you did it anyway, God bless ya.
  • One more drink: The morning after is a cruel master.
  • Dog-sitting: Jerry offered this one up in response to the time my brother’s dog shat down our hall and into his man-room and on his man-couch. I think the poor thing was sick. I was just glad she was still alive when I got home.

A cross-country trip in an RV: I’ve never done this, but I’m getting old enough to realize I’d probably be making a noose by the third day.

Your turn.

What sounded good in theory, but in reality was a bad, bad idea?


4 Responses to “It sounds good in theory…”

  1. Cutting my own hair – you really need to have something to cut with other than the scissors in your butcher block.

    Waxing my bikini line – who knew you bruised so easily there. Add to the that – waxing my own legs, I could only do one.

  2. Going to the free movie this morning? We had to fight for seats and double up and then the power went off during the last 15 minutes of the movie. Now the kids want to go again tomorrow so we can see the ending. I think NOT!

    • Dang!! The free movie always seems like a good idea. Agreed. I wouldn’t be going back. Distract the kids; maybe they will forget about it.

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