Life’s a beach

GRIN # 165

A family on the beach has been flying this flag every day since we got here on the Fourth. It’s a retired U.S. naval flag. It’s mounted on a huge, real-life flagpole. It’s a beast.

Tyler in the ocean with Jeff, Cousin Lauren’s boyfriend. The water was SO blue-green the first day or two we were here. In all the years I’ve been coming down, I’ve never seen it that blue. Felt like the Carribbean.

Now it’s off to the Food Lion. Yippee!


4 Responses to “Life’s a beach”

  1. Hey you. My mom just bought a little place at Atlantic Beach. Sarah’s down there right now and said the same thing about the water….that it is beautiful.

  2. Aww girl, that water is beautiful!! Looks like you guys are having a great week. We will be going to Emerald Isle just for the weekend of July 17-18 and staying with my sis and her extended family. Hopefully the water will stay that blue.

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