What if the cure is worse than the disease?

GRIN # 170

Tyler’s got a mammoth wart on the knuckle of his index finger. It’s so big he won’t let me take a picture of it.

Yeah, he’s onto me now; he knows where that picture will end up.

I tried the patches first. It seemed to clear the wart right up and then it came back with gusto, bigger than ever.

So I bought this stuff called “Freeze Away.”

Removes warts fast with as few as 1 treatment! Safe to use on kids ages 4 and older!

Awesome. AND it was on sale.

Jerry was dubious. “This isn’t going to work. Take him to see Nasir.” (Dr. Nasir is our dermatologist).

But I thought it was worth a shot, until I read this:

If you do not use Freeze Away exactly as these directions say to use it, or if you use it on any condition that is not a common wart, it may cause serious burns, permanent scarring of the skin or blindness.”

Blindness? Oy. Maybe we should leave well enough alone.

What to do?

I did what I always do. I passed the buck to Jerry. He did fine. Followed all the instructions.

Two weeks later the wart is still there. Mocking us.

We’re going to the doctor next week. I hate it when he’s right.


4 Responses to “What if the cure is worse than the disease?”

  1. Chrissy

    This reminds me of the diet product that can cause gas, diarrhea, explosive eruptions, underwear stains, etc……I would rather be overweight.

    • I wonder how long you have to do the eggplant thing. Plus, I’m thinking the eggplant chunk would probably be hard to keep on the wart since it’s on his finger???

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