Grilling: Is it a guy thing?

GRIN # 176

Guest blogger Mike Rumble fills in for me today. His topic? Guys on the grill. (And believe it or not, Mike, I’m a better “griller” than I am a cook. I think that’s because grilling is a bonafide BDA (beer-drinking activity).

I have a part-time job in a retail store and had the funniest thing happen to me just before the recent Fourth of July holiday weekend.  A customer came in asking to see what kind of barbecue grills we had left.  I took him over to the summer seasonal section and showed him the grills we had in stock that were lined up like a row of cars that would have made the folks at Crossroads Ford well up with tears.  After looking at the biggest, shiniest 48,000 BTU grill we had which had all the bells and whistles complete with a side burner, temperature gauge and a cooking chart, he looked at me and said “Got anything bigger?  I’m gonna be cookin’ for a crowd!”

I asked him, “Who’s doing the grilling?”

“Why, me!” was his reply.  He went on further and said, “There are two things you don’t take away from a guy: the TV remote on race day and the basting brush on grillin’ day!”

The incident took me back a month to a discussion the morning crew on my favorite country music station were having. Jeanie Carothers was saying that her husband started up the grill for the first time of the grilling season and began grilling everything in sight…..including fruit!

Now some are diehards and are loyal to the charcoal route; while others got enough propane around to grill for the 82nd Airborne. So, here’s the question I pose to the world at large: “Who does the grillin’ in your house…..and what commonly goes on your grill?”  In my house, I’m not yet much of a NASCAR fan, but I am the grillin’ guy and will wrestle you to the ground if you try and take the ol’ BBQ tools away from me!  I have yet another reason that grilling is a guy thing; when the grill gets hot, the cook needs to cool down…..this is where a bottle of a guy’s favorite brew comes and joins the fun….and I find the more amber nectar you drink, the more interesting the show becomes where burgers and steaks and so on go flying through the air with the greatest of ease!

I have yet to try grilling fruit or Twinkies or popsicles and ice cream…..but when I do, ya’ll will be invited to my house……and yes, I’ll be doin’ the grillin’!!!!


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