It’s okay to break some rules, right?

GRIN # 178

Off to the movies this morning. And before you get jealous, just know that it’s Alvin & the Chipmunks. And that afterward, I’ll drop Tyler at a friend’s house and race home to cram in as much work as I can–only to repeat the cycle later in the day and then again when he’s in bed. This, my friends, is “track out.”

But I’m excited to be going to the actual movie theater. I have a very long list of folks who won’t accompany me to the movie theater anymore: My sister, my husband, and most of the friends I’ve known longer than ten years.  Apparently, I talk too much and ask too many questions during the movie.  My mother is the only adult who will still go with me to the movies. She’s either immune to my questions or has on her unconditional love blinders.

Confession: I sneak food into the movie theater–candy, drinks and the like. (Doesn’t everyone?) This morning, as I hunt for my “movie purse” to conceal these items, I am conflicted. I know this isn’t the best lesson to give to Tyler. But I’m not conflicted enough to stop, to pay full price. I am flat-out not doing it. It’s a racket. Just like textbooks, traffic court, double-occupancy fees–don’t get me started.

Tyler and I have had conversations about the movie purse and why I sneak some stuff in when I go ahead and buy the popcorn at the counter. And my response is this:

“Tyler, it is just crazy to pay five bucks for a box of candy when I can get it for a buck at the Dollar Store. They make enough on these movies. I’m buying the tickets and the popcorn and that’s enough for them.”

I know parents are supposed to follow all the rules, but sometimes the rules don’t make sense.

So I’m just gonna show Tyler how it’s done: Conceal and carry.


6 Responses to “It’s okay to break some rules, right?”

  1. I soooo did that for the first time this past weekend. But what’s wrong w/ me that I didn’t feel conflicted? They deserve it! It can cost me up to $40.00 for just me, Emma and Baylor!

  2. You GO GIRL! I’m all for taking stuff into the movies! I do it every single time and I’m not bothered at all! That’s what ya get for charging $10 for a movie ticket!

  3. I payed $8.75 for just a drink and a pack of candy when i went to the movies last!!!! it is sooo ridiculous and not to even mention the 10 dollar movie tickets.

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