Tooth-gate closes

GRIN # 187

A few days ago I decided I’d had enough of Tyler’s tooth-gate. I didn’t want him to start second grade on Monday with those teeth. AND my mother said I really needed to do something about them. So.

I called My Brother the Dentist to see if he would pull them. He agreed, but I didn’t tell Tyler that. I didn’t want to scare him. I told him Dr. Dave was just going to look at them. Dr. Dave had to use a little Novocaine and a pair of pliers but those babies are gone! And Tyler was so brave. I am really proud of him. I thought there might be hysterics and tears when he figured out what was going on but he was fine.

He was so brave he decided he was ready for the Tooth Fairy to come, finally. He wanted the cash. At bedtime, we put the teeth, in their green plastic treasure chest, under his pillow. Ten minutes passed and he called out to me. He wanted her to come, and he wanted to be brave, but the idea of a woman in a pink plastic bubble (thanks, Uncle Craig) in his room just scared the bejesus out of him.

Tyler decided to write her a note, kind of like we did with the Easter Bunny.

“Will you write the first line to get me started?” he asked.

I did gladly and he took over from there, complete with a picture of Dr. Dave pulling the teeth and adding a special request for the Tooth Fairy to leave those nasty teeth behind:

And what do you know, she delivered. Five bucks and she didn’t even take the teeth. I think Tyler’s in love.


2 Responses to “Tooth-gate closes”

  1. Lauren Webb Says:

    I LOVE THIS. Im so glad those teeth are finally gone and the note was adorable haha. love you aunt chrissy

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