A great hobby

GRIN # 189

Track-out is winding up. And that’s a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the year-round calendar schedule. I can’t imagine spending 12 weeks trying to ensure the kids don’t spend the entire time playing Wii or X-box.

Tyler’s on my last nerve and I’m on his. We’re doing a little nerve dance. After suggesting a few activities, he gives me the eye-roll and says, “I just want to do nothing around the house.” Translation: I’m going to sit at your elbow while you’re working and drive you crazy. Or torture Sister by breathing in her face or lying on top of her etc.

“So you just want to sit around the house all day?”

“Yes. Doing nothing. That’s my hobby.”


“That’s your hobby? Fabulous.”

“You’re mean. I’m going away.”



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