Free is free, but still…

GRIN # 191

Hear that??

Yeah, me neither. That, my friend, is the sound of silence. Of my kid tracking back into school.

I have plenty to do, but somehow I just want to  roll around in a field of flowers for a minute. Or eat candy.

But, as it is, I have three giant tractor tires in my backyard.

“Why?” you ask. Yes, I’m wondering the same thing.

Actually, I did ask for A tractor tire. Four years ago. When Tyler was three. I thought it would make a neat swing or sandbox.

But I learned tire tractors are expensive and hard to come by. So I gave up on the dream only to have three ceremoniously deposited in the back yard a few weeks ago.

“Here are those tractor tires you wanted,” beamed Jerry.

“I wanted one.”

“Well, the guy had three.”

“But Tyler is seven now.”

Jerry gave me the stink-eye. This is not the response he expected. He did, after all, deliver. He was not aware there was a statute of limitations.

If you want one (for a swing, a sandbox, a climbing apparatus for the playground), please come get it. Just reply and I’ll send you the address.

After today, I’ll probably put a notice on Craigslist.

I was browsing the “FREE” section last night, which led to this observation: I know free is free, but some things, notably this footstool,  just need to go to the dump. C’mon. Which is where these tires will be headed if I can’t find them a good home.


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