Charlie, the bed and a weak argument

GRIN # 198

Ahhh. I had a good chuckle yesterday because my mom thought I might be serious about the Chevy Astro minivan (not a Ford, thank you Greg). She said, “Are you really buying that car?” I swear, I could just hear a lecture coming on. Oh Mom! I love you!

I think I’ll have to take a pass on the minivan, as lovely as it is, because what I really want is a new bed.

The king bed in our master bedroom is the only real bed in our house and lately it seems like everyone’s sleeping in it. Remember that movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Charlie’s folks had one bed and all four grandparents slept in it. Often Charlie would wedge himself in there as well.  That’s how I feel on those nights Tyler slips in bed with us. Some nights like if someone’s sick or can’t sleep, I just want a Plan B bed.

If we got a new bed, I could move the old bed to the bonus room and we would then have two beds! (See, I am good at Math). Of course Tyler has a bed, but his bed is a “youth” bed and your feet hang off the end. In desperation, I have slept there once or twice.

But Jerry thinks I’m ridiculous. I think he’s just trying to prove a point. You see, I gave up the guest room so he would move all of his bike stuff out of the bonus room. So we each lost something. He lost the nice big bonus room and I lost the extra bed and the guest room. If I get a bed in the bonus room then technically I win. Retroactively in a sort of takesie-backsie kind of way. I think that might just stick in his craw a little bit.

Yesterday, I tried the bed industry jargon on him.

“You know, I think we’ve had our mattress for seven years. They say every eight years it doubles in size.”

“So what? We’re not lying underneath it. We’re on top of it.”

He does have a point. Back to the drawing board.


2 Responses to “Charlie, the bed and a weak argument”

  1. Get a futon for the bonus room. Serves as a couch, and the occasional bed.

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