It’s business time baybay…

GRIN #: 205

Just this morning I was thinking about this awesome video by Flight of the Concords. A warning though: you’ll be singing this song for the next five weeks. Thanks to Wendy Jennings for sending it my way.


7 Responses to “It’s business time baybay…”

  1. Michelle Anysz Says:

    I Love business time! Especially in my Team building 1999 T-shirt!

  2. That is awesome!

  3. I love these guys! I’ve got the first season on DVD. I almost went to see them live, but got outbid for the tickets on Ebay at the last minute. I posted a link to another catchy tune by them, but you may not want to sing it out loud too much. 😉

    • Oh, Tim, that’s funny! Yeah, I won’t be singing that one out loud. So, they have a TV show?? How do I not know much about these guys and everyone else does??!

      • They did two seasons on HBO. I think it’s all falling-on-the-floor hilarious. But the humor is very dry, which is to my liking. But, it’s not for everyone. I recommend just doing a youtube search, and you’ll get to see a lot of great songs. BTW, you were right and I’ve now got “Business Time” stuck in my head!

      • Me too, Tim. I’m still humming it. I’ve looked at a few more, but I still think Business Time is my favorite!

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