Bogus tip #5

GRIN # 206

I am about tipped out.

Someone’s always got a pointer for me: I can be healthier, more organized, skinnier, smarter and more fashionable! I, too, can be a better mom, wife and friend! I can improve my core strength, my self-esteem, my libido….ENOUGH ALREADY!

This is getting out of hand. Some of these tips are bogus and useless. And I can say that because I’ve written some pretty useless tips in my work when a “tip sidebar” is called for. Here’s how it works: You have two good tips, but two tips does not a good sidebar make, so you manufacture three more. If you have six good ones, you’ve got to push for ten.

For the next five days, I am counting down tips I think are ridiculous. Add your own!!

Tip #5

  • Clean out your medicine cabinet and discard expired medications: Whoa!! Crazy talk!! This is a ridiculous tip and I’ll tell you why: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT throw away good drugs. Because YOU NEVER KNOW when you’ll need them. Case in point: Last fall I woke up in the middle of the night in terrible pain (that’s another blog) and I was able to take a Vicodin that had been prescribed to me two years before for another procedure. That held me over until I could get to the doctor in the morning. Yes, keep those drugs people, and become your own best pharma-friend. And here’s a counter-tip: Most medicines are given an expiration date of one year because they don’t bother testing the drug’s efficacy past one year. And why should they? They don’t want you to know the shelf life is three years or five years; they want you to flush the old and go get a new prescription. Don’t do it!!

I’m off now to look over my shoulder the rest of the day for the Food and Drug Administration or the founder of Narcotics Anonymous, but still, I’m not throwing good drugs away. The new ones probably come from China.


4 Responses to “Bogus tip #5”

  1. Well, I’m still scared to take expired meds, but I’m totally with you on the “enough already” sentiment! In the end, the constant barrage of tips (most often seen in the forms of cover lines and sidebars) just adds up to one message: “You’re not good enough.”

    I used to LOVE women’s magazines — which is why I became an editor/writer. But the “how to be a better ___” theme has caused my love to wane significantly over the last 10-15 years. When you stop to think about it, you could argue that women’s mags are emotionally abusive/controlling. They actually do the same thing that the pharmaceutical companies do: convince you that you have a problem and they have the solution. Just spend the money and they’ll give you the solution.

    Hmph. If I really want to read about “how to be a better ____,” I’ll just read it for free in the doctor’s office, at the library, or online, and save my money for chocolate and wine!

    • Agreed; I used to kill myself querying those mags, but they all think if you’re from the South you’re a big old hayseed. It’s all the same old stuff anyway, recycled each calendar year:) AND chocolate and wine are good for you–how cool is that??

  2. Michelle Anysz Says:

    Amen sister!

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