“Hey! Leave my fridge alone”

GRIN # 208

Ridiculous Tip # 3: Use a flyswatter covered with a sock to clean underneath the fridge. It’s just the right size to get out all the grime and dirt you never think about.

That’s right. I never think about it, and I don’t want to think about it. I already have household appliances mocking me. There’s the impossible-to-reach dried macaroni noodle wedged between the stove and the cabinet, and don’t even get me started on the shower, although I guess that’s not really an appliance but it’s a damn pain in the ass to clean. Frankly, I’m more worried about the science projects IN my fridge–a.k.a. my dinner leftovers–than what’s underneath it.

This ridiculous tip leaves me feeling like a kid who’s finished all of her chores and is on her way outside to play, only to have her mother yell, “Honey! Wait! I thought of something else.”

Just slam the door and run away. No fair adding to the list.


4 Responses to ““Hey! Leave my fridge alone””

  1. I think that untouchable dried macaroni noodle is universal…

  2. The guy’s guide to shower cleaning:

    Tools needed: long handled car wash brush, westly’s bleach-wite tire cleaner and a detachable shower head or garden hose with multi pattern spray nozzle.

    Why is it that the “guy’s way” gets the job done… WELL AND QUICKLY, but we still get the “stink-eye” from our wives???

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