The Anteater Burqua

GRIN # 209

Ridiculous Tip #2:  Concerned about privacy? Consider The Techno Privacy Scarf, designed by Joe Malia to protect your privacy when using portable devices in public areas.

SERIOUSLY??? Do you need to look at porn that badly? More, even, than you need to breathe? This is a Unibomber accessory. I’m flying next week to Chicago and if I board and this is what my seatmate is wearing….can you say “U.S. Marshal?” It’s like a gigantic black tube sock with built-in jock strap apparatus. Complete and total weirdness.


6 Responses to “The Anteater Burqua”

  1. ROFLAO ~ Where do you find this stuff??? I am about to pee my pants laughing at the thought of you, your mom & sis on the plane and looking over to find your seatmate wearing one of these.

    You know it is a quality product when you have such high quality model’s. Seriously, what’s up with the reverse skunk stripe. Take your eyes off the porn & go buy more bleach for your hair, honey.

    • This was a beauty I just stumbled upon. Can you imagine? I am still laughing at this one. That this is even seriously sold is just beyond me. WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh wait! I thought the skunk stripe was a piece of fabric holding that thing to his head. Yeah, can we get some peroxide over here?

  3. I’m dying here!! Hilarious! It reminds me of a day at the pool a couple of years ago. I had something I had to do online so I took my laptop to the pool, but couldn’t see a thing unless I made a little tent for myself out of my beach towel. I looked ridiculous! Just imagine how much sharper I would have looked wearing one of these fancy contraptions instead!

  4. Meanwhile, some would-be purse-snatcher seizes the opportunity while that woman is … Ummm… “not looking”…

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