Chicago, here I come

GRIN #215

By the time you read this, I’ll likely be wedged in a seat on American Airlines between my tiny mother and my claustrophobic sister who can’t stand flying and will likely need a soothing talk-me-down-from-the-ledge pep talk the entire way. Yay me.

Actually, I’m really excited about the trip–part work, part pleasure. After years of trying and paying damnable entry fees, I’ve finally managed to win a few national awards for stories I wrote in 2009.  I’ll be attending the National Federation of Press Women’s awards ceremony–that’s the work part. The fun part is that we decided to make a girls’ trip of it. My aunt who lives in Texas will meet me, my mom and my sis in Chicago.

Jerry will be in charge of the blog while I’m away. And of Tyler.

I’ve told him to be nice and not be his catankerous old man self about the house.

“Turn off the lights! It looks like a hotel in here!”

“Does anyone ever lock the door in this house?”

He’s such a dad.

The good news is, everyone will eat better while I’m gone. I’m sure of it.


5 Responses to “Chicago, here I come”

  1. Have a great trip!!! and Congrats again. You rock.

  2. CONGRATS on the award!!!!! Have a great trip!!!!!!!!

  3. Have a blast, it will all be awesome! Love you girl!

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