Operators are standing by

GRIN # 216

I’m not old enough to remember third-party telephone lines, but I’ve been told about them. Apparently, back in the day, if you wanted to talk to call someone you had to tell the operator who you wanted to call. She then placed the call and while the two parties chatted, she could be privvy to the conversation if she remained on the line.

Tyler is often the operator who remains on the line.

Me to Jerry: “Should we go somewhere for our anniversary this year?”

Tyler: “Yes! I want to go.”

Jerry: “Well, it’s an anniversary trip so it would just be me and mom.”

Tyler: “Who’s driving?”

Me: “Why do you care who’s driving? You won’t be in the car.”

Tyler: “Wait. I don’t get it.”

Me: “Well. You wouldn’t be with us.”

Tyler: “No FAIR!”

Yes, into each life some rain must fall. Hang up the phone, boy!!


2 Responses to “Operators are standing by”

  1. Once he gets older, you can resort to the “Mom and Dad are going to have sex” threat to ensure he won’t want to be there.

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