Pass the Kleenex

GRIN # 225

Just so you know: If this blog should cease suddenly it’s highly likely I’ve overdosed on antihistamines. And not necessarily accidentally.

Since I was 12, every August or September, like clockwork, I’m plagued with hay fever, an allergic reaction to ragweed pollen.

Medications help, but the 12 hour pills only last me for four hours or so. I feel like I want to gouge out my eyes, scratch the insides of my ears and replace my nose altogether. I’m out of Kleenex too, by the way. My doctor prescribes different stuff, but it’s all about the same I think.

Last night we went to a Durham Bull’s game, a work function for Jerry, where I sneezed my way through seven innings before we finally had to go home. In the bathroom, I looked like I’d been smoking–and not the legal stuff either.

People are very suspicious of folks sneezing and coughing, and I don’t blame them. I’m the same way. Every time I get the stink eye, I apologize: “It’s just allergies, I promise. It’s not contagious.” Still, I’m a pariah.

All the more reason to stay inside and read the paper, I guess.

My hair itches.


2 Responses to “Pass the Kleenex”

  1. I’m feeling the pain sister!

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