Still the same…after all these years

GRIN # 237

Not too long ago I blogged about how times had changed, so much so that there were things we don’t even use anymore: phone books, salad spinners, cheese shredders, cassette tapes and the like.

So lately, I’ve been thinking: What hasn’t changed (much) over time? Below are my picks. Add your own!

  • School cafeterias: The lunch ladies still wear hairnets and the soyburgers still try desperately for the title of “hamburger.” It ain’t happening. 
  • Cotton candy: I forked over $5 (!!) for the multi-colored spun sugar the other night; it hasn’t changed a bit. And I’m thinking, “What’s the overhead on cotton candy? Maybe I’m in the wrong business.
  • Roller skating: From the tan suede skates with orange wheels (for an extra buck, spring for the rollerblades) to the (badly) carpeted stools you sit on to cram your feet into said skates, you’ll feel like a kid again.  They still do the hokey pokey and the chicken dance. The disco ball spins the way it did when I was 11. Even the lockers are the same–except now it costs two quarters instead of one to release the bright orange cylindrical key from its slot. Which you’ll likely lose, so go ahead and buy a rainbow Sno-Cone at the snack bar before you lose your money too.


3 Responses to “Still the same…after all these years”

  1. Took Troupe to the Gator football game last weekend. Of course, he had to have cotton candy. Almost passed out when the lady said EIGHT dollars!!!

  2. WOW! You really took me back! I wish I was at Sportsworld right now!! Come to think of it, I’m still mad my parents didn’t get me speed skates! I always had to get there early so I could get a pair of the cool skates instead of the ugly brown ones. If they had run out before I got there, well, I just wasn’t going to skate that night! Man I was a spoiled brat!!

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