Woe is the day…

GRIN # 241

…you become the woman you made fun of yesterday.

I saw a Harris Teeter commercial the other day about this woman who was absolutely gleeful that Harris Teeter was doubling coupons up to $1.98. She was giggling and laughing with her friends about how she was heading to Harris Teeter.

“Loser,” I thought. She needs to get out more.

Not five days later, flipping through the Sunday circulars I was thinking….”This is a pretty good deal. I could get three bucks off this item.” Suddenly I found myself backing the car out, shouting from the window to Jerry that I was going to Harris Teeter. (He was busy butchering the yard).

Oy. I’m the woman I made fun of.

Of COURSE, the stupid item I was going to save so big on was out of stock. A man grabbed the last bag and for a moment I felt like clubbing him and snatching the item from his hand. Bastard! He should have been at home watching the football game!

Coupons can do this to you. You can save money, but there are a lot of conditions. First, you have to remember to cut the coupons; then you have to remember to take them with you and, lastly, you have to remember to use them.

This is harder than it sounds. I tried couponing last year when my freelance business lost some clients due to the economy.

First, I tried shoving all the coupons in an envelope but it took FOREVER to find anything. Then I brought only the ones I needed, but more often than not I set them down to look at something and then ended up at the checkout with nary a coupon.

I finally bought an organizer which I promptly left in the cart after my very first outing. When I realized what I’d done, I went back to the store to retrieve it, but it was long gone. Someone else had gotten lucky off my forgetfulness and disorganization.

Or had they?

After I lost that book, I felt liberated. I was free to shop promiscuously.Giddily, even.

I know. I do need to get out more.

But I’m never going back to my old ways.

4 Responses to “Woe is the day…”

  1. At HT, if they are out of the item on special, you can go to the customer service desk and get a raincheck! I use them all the time for dog food, because when they run the BOGO special, I always get there after they sell out. 🙂

  2. And rain checks never expire, just make sure u hand them to cashier first when checking out.. Did u start another coupon book?

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