“Get me out of here!”

GRIN # 243

I know I’ve written before about the good old days not being all that good. My long-held conviction was confirmed yesterday at Historic Oakview off Poole Road in Raleigh. It used to be a 90-acre working farm back in the day, but now Wake County owns it and utilizes it for school field trips to show kids how folks used to live.

It’s a great place, very picturesque with farm animals and some of the original buildings. I loved the first part where someone explained how agriculture had changed over time. Because that was in the air conditioning.

Phase 2 was in a barn where kids got to milk a fake cow, and we got to see, among other things, the instrument that takes the hair off the pig once it’s dead and you want to make bacon or sausage. Like the one-eyed dog, I could have gone my whole life never knowing that. Meat comes from the grocery store.

Phase 3 was in the kitchen, a 185-year-old cedar-plank room with an expansive flagstone fireplace inside. That room was HOT–sweat-lodge, my-organs-are-shutting-down hot. The guide described how the women used to cook all day–breakfast, lunch and dinner–in long skirts, being careful not to let their skirts get in the fire. Those poor women! I am never again complaining about cooking! At least not today.

“Can you imagine a fire going in here?” the guide asked, gesturing to the fireplace.

By that time the volunteer moms started ducking out.

The kids were the hostages, looking out at us with pleading eyes.

I saw a new reality show: I’m a second-grader, get me out of here!


2 Responses to ““Get me out of here!””

  1. The kitchen atmosphere sounds a bit like Bikram Yoga. Think of it as cleansing your body, Christa!

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