Worms from Craigslist

GRIN # 245

I recently posted an ad in the “free” section of Craigslist to give away my fax machine. I’m finding most of the stuff I want to get rid of isn’t really worth anything so it goes in the “free” section. Most of Jerry’s stuff he can sell for good money. It’s sad proof that I spend my money on crap.

But I found a woman who’s worse than me. Check it out:

Six foot long freezer turned into worm farm with Red Wigglers. I bought 1000 worms in April 2009 and have been feeding them since as they grow in numbers. The freezer has drainage holes in the bottom, covered with cardboard. I had plans to use the worms but my baby came along in June 2009 and I never did anything with them. There’s no telling how many worms there are now since they are supposed to double in numbers every 90 days. The freezer is sitting on wood blocks so it isn’t directly on the ground. I’m sure there’s someone who would love to have my mini farm and actually do something with it! Anywhere you dig in the dirt, you find lots of worms as in the picture below.

EWWWW! Seriously?? You’re seven months pregnant and you think, “Screw getting ready for this baby. Today I’m going to go buy 1,000 worms and throw them in this empty freezer.” She’s really selling it too—“anywhere you dig you find lots of worms.” Joy!


One Response to “Worms from Craigslist”

  1. Only in North Carolina….

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