How can you not know?

GRIN # 247

Okay. I’m about three seconds away “quitting” the news–at least the broadcast version–and I’m a journalism girl. It shouldn’t even be called the evening news anymore. It should be called “The Crime Report.” In journalism school, they used to say “If it bleeds, it leads,” but this is ridiculous.

Whether you’re watching national or local news, you’ll get your fill of fires, rapes, murders, animal abuse, embezzlement and, oh yeah, stay tuned for a little weather at the end if you haven’t killed yourself. Damn! Why bother? Isn’t the economic news bad enough? Throw us a bone! Surely, someone out there is doing something mildly interesting that doesn’t involve jail time or a funeral. And, yes, I would be interested! I think a lot of other people would too!

The other night I gave up and started watching Inside Edition (I’m desperate). I couldn’t care less about Lindsay Lohan or Octomom, but I love seeing how orange the correspondents are. I don’t think it’s my t.v. either–check it out. At least those shows are good for a laugh.

The other night they had a story on about a woman who gave birth three hours after she found out she was pregnant. Now, COME ON. Who could be THAT dumb? I understand maybe not knowing for a few months, but at the very end?? Seriously? “Yeah, in addition to nine missed periods, my feet look like Smithfield hams, I have a hideous M&M addiction and wait a minute I have to pee again. What the hell is going on?”

You have got to be pretty THICK to miss a pregnancy. And that’s coming from a woman who wasn’t sure if “broiling” something was the way you cook it or simply using the “broil” pan that comes with your oven.

Yes, I did just admit that.

PS: And I’ll add that I broiled, successfully, last night for the first time.

PSS: It’s the way you cook it. There’s a special setting right ON the oven. So proud.


5 Responses to “How can you not know?”

  1. Hehehehe — Just yesterday afternoon I discovered there is a whole SERIES on Discovery Health titled, “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”! The episode I watched yesterday had a woman who had a longstanding health issue that had given her swollen ankles and erratic/nonexistent periods for years, so she didn’t think anything of it when she had those symptoms, and then when labor hit, she thought she was having a kidney stone attack, which she also had a history of already. Then another woman didn’t gain ANY weight and also continued to have erratic periods… I have to say, it was pretty interesting! Check it out:

  2. Oh, and on another note, I’m right there with you re: the news!!!

  3. I’m still not convinced that you are the brighter bulb. So proud? Really? Of course, I should know better having sat next to you in Chemistry & Spanish class…humm…maybe my bulb is a little dim too! Must be why we are such great friends after all these years : )

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