Only the nose knows

GRIN # 250

Trying to finish up a little work now before the Department of Social Services calls.

On Sunday, Tyler fell off some playground equipment and did a nearly perfect faceplant from about five feet high into the mulch and sand.

He looks pretty beat up. His forehead, nose and chin have scratches and bruises.

“Did anyone ask about your face today?” I said, when he got off the bus. “I hope no one said anything ugly to you.”

“People just wanted to know what happened. Even the teacher asked.”

“What did you say?”

He sighed. “I just told her it was a long story.”



2 Responses to “Only the nose knows”

  1. Great answer. I remember once when my son was in junior high he went to school looking beat up from an encounter with a bully- we got a call from HRS! Glad he’s ok!

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