My next job

GRIN # 255

In addition to making t-shirts with snappy acronyms like i.c.u.p, I think in my second career I’d like to make Halloween costumes–probably in a sweat shop in China or Vietnam.

Because the markup on those suckers is about 800 percent. Seriously! A $17 costume costs about $1.29 to make, I swear. Well, I think. I don’t do math. Anyway, I could afford a housekeeper and a cook on that kind of profit!

I thought about making Tyler’s Halloween costume (for a minute), but I knew I’d end up spending more than I did on the Grim Reaper costume I bought at the corner Rite-Aid.

Oh, you think the Grim Reaper is too dark for a seven-year-old? Me too, but I’m pretty happy about it, actually. I feel like I pulled one over on Tyler. We went from him begging for the “Scream” costume with the fake blood that runs down the mask (and the oval mouth perpetually frozen in a bloodcurdling scream) to the Grim Reaper, which is a monk-like costume with a skeleton mask and skeleton hands. No blood anywhere. And Jerry, who’s in charge of making the scythe keeps calling it a “staff.” So I could end up with a very morose shepherd. Fingers crossed.

Tyler almost caught onto me. He said, “Mom, I don’t know if this is scary enough.”

“What?! Are you kidding? What’s scarier than death, Tyler?” I asked.

Score one for mom.


2 Responses to “My next job”

  1. Somewhere I have an old Scream mask with the dripping “blood,” and you’re welcome to it if y’all change your minds!

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