100 Days Left

GRIN # 265

Could it be true? Only 100 days left to fulfill my crazy contract of blogging every day?

But I have so much left to tell you!

Like how every time I go into the Dollar Store or Five Below (our new five-dollar-and-under store) I spend about forty bucks that I can’t even account for–even with the bag in my hand!!

Or that IHOP is really pretty good! I’ve always thought of IHOP as the place you go to get your drunk OFF at 2 am or where you go if you like eating cake for breakfast.

You see, you are learning new things every day–now whether or not they’re useful is highly debatable.

For instance, Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild solves most problems by peeing on them. Frankly, it seems a rather satisfying strategy.


4 Responses to “100 Days Left”

  1. Congrats Chrissy! I knew you could do it. Plus with the holidays coming, there are lots of things to blog about. I’m sure the solution to many holiday problems is to pee on them. What about that candle in the pumpkin, over-cooked turkey, or way-too-dry Christmas tree? Oh yeah, I watch Man vs. Wild too!

    • You’re awesome Tim! Peeing on all of those problems would work (except maybe the dry turkey but then again if I was cooking it would probably be an improvement)! Thanks for the encouragement!!:)

  2. Girl – Waffle House is where you go at two in the morning to get your drunk off… hash browns, scattered, smothered and covered…what kind of southerner are you?? HaHa!!

    • Hey! I always used to go to Waffle House–love me some of those hash browns–but I figured IHOP was a second best if there was no WH around!

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