Fountain of youth

GRIN # 268

Something is up with Sister. It started a few weeks ago in the middle of the night with heavy breathing.

“Pant, pant, pant”….followed by some moaning.

I figured Sister was going to be sick so I took her outside on the leash. It was 3 a.m. and a brisk wind was blowing. Once outside, Sister was ecstatic. She raced around sniffing, tail wagging.

“Sister! Do your business! Hurry!”

But she didn’t have to go. She just wanted to be outside. Jerry says she smells deer. I think it’s the weather. This went on every night for about two weeks.

Then she started wandering–even farther than she usually does. A neighbor spotted her up by the pool and called me. Sister was almost to the main road, weaving and sniffing wildly, tail in the air. I had to chase my-16-year old dog back home. She was gleeful–panting, a huge smile on her face. And exhausted.

Sister has forgotten she’s old. Or maybe she’s found the fountain of youth. I wish she’d share it.

As a result of her wandering, Jerry has completely stopped letting Sister go out in the front yard alone, which is just killing her. She finds us, perches about a foot and a half away and begins moaning. She is pretty relentless, striving for constant eye contact.

I have found if I give her a good lecture (in a stern voice while poking her once or twice) she’ll stay in the yard.

This is how it works. She has her nose at the door and I say meanly: “Stay in yard, Sister! (poke). Don’t run away, Sister! (poke, poke). I mean it, Sister!”

So far it’s working. I feel a little like the dog whisperer.

What she hears: Blah, blah sister! Blah, blah, blah, Sister!

I hope I age half as well as my dog.


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