New and improved?

GRIN # 269

This is going to sound a little curmudgeonly, but why is everybody always trying to improve stuff? And I’m talking about the little things in life that give us pleasure.

Remember when “New” Coke was launched back in 1985? That was a huge disaster. Everyone hated the new formula, and Coca-Cola had to re-market “Classic Coke” which we’re still drinking today. Sounds like someone had a little too much time on their hands.

New isn’t always better.

Facebook and Twitter are forever changing its formats. Stop it!! Once we figure out how your crap works, most of us don’t want to relearn it. Please!

And now my stupid grocery store is reorganizing. Excusing my language, but WTF?? Like I want to spend more time in there? It’s not a scavenger hunt, people. A trip to the grocery store should be executed with military precision–in and out as quickly as possible, spending the least amount possible.

It took me seven years to finally learn where to find the sunflower seeds and popcorn.  And now they’ve changed everything.

At the checkout they make fun of me.

“Did you find everything you need, ma’am?”

“Hell no! Because you people moved all of it.”

Okay. I don’t really say that. But I want to.

Instead I say, “I sure did. And plastic’s fine.”


2 Responses to “New and improved?”

  1. YEES! I hated it when Trader Joe’s re-did their store. Why would you re-do a store that had only been open 6 months, was constantly packed and everything was so easy to find? The really dumb part was how they took the coffee aisle apart and put the cans on top of the freezer case. Now you have to walk up and down to find what you want, and reach over the case to grab it and oh, yeah, pick up the cans that fell into the case. Huh?

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