Poor Richard!

GRIN # 272

I’ve told you before on this blog that I try to stay away from writing about politics. I’m not trying to be cagey; I just don’t enjoy politics or follow the players too closely. I wish I could be more interested in politics, as well as sports and coffee, but it’s not gonna happen. It drives Jerry crazy that I’m not one or the other–Democrat or Republican. Actually, scratch that. It drives Jerry crazy that I’m not a staunch, one-lever pulling Republican.

I’m a moderate and I often vote a split ticket depending upon whom I think is lying less or least likely to make things worse. Sorry, folks, that’s just the way I see it. But I do vote!!! You can’t complain if you don’t vote:)

I have been chuckling over the political PSAs on WRAL TV 5 and FOX 50.  I think someone at WRAL is messing with Richard Burr’s teleprompter during his PSA recordings. It is so obvious he’s reading from a prompter and that the words are simply not coming across the screen fast enough.

I looked at some other clips of Burr speaking and he generally does well. It doesn’t happen to Elaine Marshall, his opponent. It’s just in the beginning of this one so you don’t have to watch the whole thing to see what I’m talking about.



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