GRIN # 273

Oh, today is a great day!!

It’s tournament weekend for Tyler’s soccer team–The Flyers. And today at the second game, Tyler made the winning goal!!

I have to tell you I was out of my seat and screeching like a pig–it went way beyond cheering. I embarrassed one of the other mothers who stage-whispered, “Stop! The goalie is crying.”

WHO?? No way am I stopping, lady!

Because, really, it was an accidental goal and, frankly, I couldn’t see there’d be another opportunity for me to cheer like that. You gotta grab at the victories that come your way. I’m just saying.

Tyler was pretty much at the right place at the right time, the goalie wasn’t paying attention and the ball rolled gently in the goal, off his foot. I don’t think he even realized he scored.

But it was amazing.

And to think earlier in the game Jerry and I were joking that Tyler is a soccer player who looks incredibly busy. He’s running a lot, he’s where’s he’s supposed to be, but he ducks when the ball comes his way and he’s not aggressive enough to get in the throng and fight for it.

But we mothers always find the positive.

“Being able to look industrious and capable when you’re not really doing much is important!” I told Jerry. “It’s probably in the introduction of ‘How to Succeed in Corporate America.’ Ooh, did I say that out loud?”

Twenty minutes later, Tyler SCORED!!! It was 2 to 1–our win.

And now we have to go back tomorrow for another game.

Damn. The fly in the ointment.


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