My girls…

GRIN # 274

Yesterday my mom and sis took me out to celebrate birthday number 39, which is actually tomorrow. They are too good to me. The three of us always make a giant deal out of each other’s birthdays and this year I tried to get them to tone it down a bit–because they are so hard to buy for when their b-days come around.

But of course they didn’t listen!! And I’m so glad. They spoiled me rotten–and it was so much fun! I am so so grateful to have each of them in my life.

We started out at the Junior League Shopping Extravaganza in downtown Raleigh where I got some good deals and my sis treated me to a glass of champagne (which got knocked over when I was halfway done and I got a refill–BAM!! Lovin’ that! And then we went to Carrabas where I must’ve eaten five basketfulls of bread and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t keep track of.  No one is allowed to count beer bottles, wine glasses, bread baskets or anything else at our celebrations.

The part that always dissolves us into giggles is when we leave and the man holding open the door says: “Arrividerci,” which is Italian for something, probably ‘goodbye’ if I had to guess. Duh. As we make our way to the car we yell out: “Macaroni! Manicotti! Spaghetti! Lasagna!” in an Italian accent, clutching our sides and gasping for air. We think we’re hilarious.

And, really, the laughing, that’s the very best part.

Thanks, girls.


2 Responses to “My girls…”

  1. This was great, Christa. Thanks for sharing.

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