Tar Heel Traveler

GRIN # 278

Went to Barnes & Noble in Cary last night to support fellow writer Scott Mason and his new book, Tar Heel Traveler. Scott is in my writer’s group–eight local writers who meet once a month to submit and review each other’s fiction and nonfiction.

He started bringing stories for us to read and, dang, before we knew it, Tar Heel Traveler was snapped up by a publisher. Now that’s cool.

You  may also recognize Scott from WRAL-TV 5. He’s actually been the “Tar Heel Traveler” for seven years, traveling the state looking for unique stories and people; his broadcasts air Monday through Thursday at 5:55 pm. This is a great collection, and Scott showed video clips as well as reading from the book. He’s got more readings scheduled in the next few weeks; check out www.thetarheeltraveler.com.

There are some colorful characters in Mason’s book–including a 101-year-old woman from the Sandhills who makes snake oil, a man who buried his television because he thought it was evil, and a guy in Wendell who built his dog  an awesome tree house and taught him to say “Jesus.”

Check it out!


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