Fast friends

GRIN # 279

This picture is from friend of mine who lives in Raleigh, NC. Every morning, this deer comes to visit her cat. Amazing!


10 Responses to “Fast friends”

  1. That is so sweet!

  2. How cool is that! …

  3. That’s awesome! I have deer in my backyard most days. They’ve figured out that my dogs can’t get out of the fence. So many days I have have my dogs and two or three deer a few feet away from each other just hanging out. They haven’t exactly become best friends though like with that cat!

    • Do the dogs bark like crazy at the deer or do they just hang out like it’s no big deal??

      • Check out the photo on my facebook page. They will bark if the deer get nervous and run. But if the deer just ignore the dogs, the dogs lose interest and ignore the deer.

  4. OMG — that is toooooo cute!!!

  5. I want to know how these two sweet animals bonded, did it take very long,or was it love at first sight? I t is so cool, but what is the first part of the story?

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