I’m a tryin’

GRIN # 283

So, go vote.


There is absolutely nothing funny or grin-worthy about voting. I just can’t come up with anything.


I guess it feels good when you’re finished. Like exercising. Or filing your taxes.

Back in 2008, people were giving away free stuff if you voted. Krispy Kreme gave away donuts; Starbucks gave away coffee. Nothing this year. Sorry.

Still, you should do it. Vote, I mean. Though exercising and filing your taxes are good things too.

Hey, the commercials will be gone after today. That’s good.

Voting is both a right and a privilege. We all get a say and that’s more than most folks on the planet.

So, why do we always vote on a Tuesday in November?

Basically because most of our ancestors were farmers. November was the end of the harvest season. And Monday and Wednesday offered days for travel, Tuesday was voting day and, by default, rest-your-horse day. Or your ass, depending upon how well off you were.

Today, I will be resting my ass and voting.

That’s all I got.

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