Turducken–Part two

GRIN # 286

Anybody remember the turducken blog I posted eons ago?

It’s my highest scoring blog post so far.

Here’s a little excerpt from that post: Until just a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know turducken existed. Turducken is a piggy-backed clump of duck, turkey and chicken held together in bondage by so many little ropes and cords. This meat sandwich, apparently meant to instill harmony at the dinner table, makes me laugh and dry-heave at the same time.

Apparently, you can do MORE with this identity crisis. Enter pork. The website Bacon Today (yes, it’s real) is promoting a new way to cook turducken for the holidays. Specifically, you must wrap each meat hunk in bacon, strap all the meat hunks together and THEN wrap the top of the entire meaty mass in bacon for….TURBACONDUCKEN.

I’m guessing it’s served with a side of defibrillators.

This makes KFC’s Double Down look like a house salad.


5 Responses to “Turducken–Part two”

  1. “This make KFC’s Double Down look like a house salad.” This makes me laugh, out loud. Thanks for the daily GRIN : )

  2. Now you just need some of that new bacon-flavored soda to go along with it!

    It’s funny, I was just thinking about “turducken” yesterday. I used to work with a guy from Texas who talked about it every year about this time. Can’t say that I’ve tried it.

  3. I need to clarify this Turducken a little bit, because believe it or not…I really like it. TRUE Turducken from Louisiana is a Chicken, Turkey or Duck, stuffed with portions of the other (example….Full sized chicken stuffed with Duck and Turkey) as well as rice and vegetables.

    I’ve eaten LOTS of Turducken and have never seen it piggyback the other parts of the meat and strapped on like excess luggage on the roof of a car.

    There is a renowned place in LA to buy this. They’ll ship it to you on dry ice. The place we get ours is Herberts (pronounced A bears) out of Lafayette, LA. You can find them on the world wide web.

    • I don’t know, Jeff. I WANT to believe you. Even if it’s not strapped on, what is it–different birds stuffed inside each other? Or pieces of birds stuffed inside one big bird–although not THE Big Bird, just to clarify. HAHA. Lord. I’m cracking myself up here.

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