Going for Guinness

GRIN # 289

I’m a newspaper junkie; I admit it.

I read it every morning, hunched over my frosted mini-wheats. The other day I read about a guy from Pikeville, NC, Eugene Tyner, who had to have a kidney removed due to cancer. The tumor was rather large, and he was hoping to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Hmm. Interesting.

And then I came across the following quote, which made me laugh out loud. My guess is the writer didn’t have many quotes from which to choose or just got tickled and decided to slip this in there:

“I hate cancer,” Tyner said. “It’s bad in my family. My Aunt Gladys, she had to have her whole bottom end taken out.”

Lord have mercy. What does that even mean?! If there was ever a case of “too much information,” this is it.

Poor Aunt Gladys.

You never want your bottom end to make the news.

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