What every girl needs

GRIN # 291

I’ve been blogging about my olden Golden, Sister, and how she’s panting and pacing at night, wandering off during the day.

Wellll…..it turns out she’s not finding the Fountain of Youth or smelling deer or anything else.

I’ve been on the phone with the vet and it’s likely she’s suffering from some form of doggie dementia. In aging dogs, there’s a condition called Sundowners Syndrome, where dogs pant and pace and get agitated at night. It’s accompanied by wandering, memory loss, etc.

It’s not good news, but, fortunately, we can treat the symptoms. The vet is going to give Sister some anti-anxiety medicine to take at night so she (we) can sleep. And since she loves being outside (it’s the only thing that will calm her down when she’s agitated), Jerry and I figured we’d buy her a dog coat since she has no hair.

I bought her two. A solid pink one from Pet Smart for $35  and a pink plaid from Target for $8.

Which one do you think I’m keeping? You know me well enough by now to make a good educated guess.

So, Sister’s got a new coat and some good head meds. What more does a girl need?

Add a bottle of wine and it’s practically a girls’ weekend.


6 Responses to “What every girl needs”

  1. I think a girl needs two coats. She does look quite fetching in both.

  2. How adorable, she is such a wonderful dog she really deserves a fur coat, of course that would be a fake fur. then she would have three coats.

  3. Oh, she is toooo cute and I can’t believe she’s wearing the coat!!! I think she needs a collection of coats………..you know, casual for the day, dressy for evening, fur for special occasions, etc! ahahaha – my dogs won’t even consider wearing anything………well except Tucker — he does have a Santa Suit that Lauren bought him and its real funny! It probably won’t him this year……….the pudgy boy!

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