GRIN # 293

EGADS!! Am I too late to post? I have ’til midnight, right? Like Cinderella.

Usually I interview most of my subjects by phone, but occasionally I’ll get in the car and take a road trip, particularly if I think it’s something I need to see in person.

I’m working on a home profile piece for the News & Observer. When I saw the pictures of the place, located on 10 acres in Pittsboro, I decided to go, as my dad would say, gallavantin’.

Pittsboro is only about 15 miles from here, but where I ended up felt like a different world entirely. The home is literally nestled in the woods–WAY out in the woods. I drove on a gravel drive more than a mile long. It’s on these occasions I’m reminded I could use a little SUV. My beat-up BMW seemed to moan with every bump.

It was so gorgeous I stopped on that long driveway to take a picture.

Loved this sign. “Alley Oop” is something my dad would say when the family dog would go on a tear through the house, shaking socks and ripping up toilet paper. I say it now too: “There goes Sister alley ooping.” I wonder if that’s a Southern thing.

Anyway, I’m back from my jaunt. I don’t know if I’d want to live out there. It’s a long way to go to check the mail. My car griped all the way down that long bumpy drive.

And now the “check engine” light is on. Dang.


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