Will you bring the cherpumple?

GRIN #  294

First there was turducken, then turbaconducken and now, thanks to an alert GRIN reader, the cherpumple.

Another food  identity crisis, only this time it’s in the dessert arena. The cherpumple is a cherry pie, apple pie and pumpkin pie baked into a three-layer cake and topped with frosting. Mmm. That actually sounds kind of good.

I must still be on a Halloween candy high. Tyler hid his candy again after I fell off the wagon. But I’ve found it. It’s behind the TV in the bonus room.

Don’t tell.


4 Responses to “Will you bring the cherpumple?”

  1. I hate to admit, that does sound tasty. And just think, you would get in all of your fruit servings for the day.

  2. That dessert is way way over the top, I am always suspicious of food that can’t decide what it is or trying to be, makes my stomach hurt.

    • I don’t know, Mom. What about gelatin salad? You love making that and it’s definitely got schizophrenic tendencies. I will see you tomorrow!! :))

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