Weekend fun

GRIN #302

I don’t know if I’ve ever bragged on my neighborhood before, but we have some great families and lots of get-togethers. Last night was the Chili Cook-Off. Each family brings a Crockpot of chili and each eater votes.

Kids play, parents eat chili and catch up, and then everybody goes home before the digestion fallout. Last night, the winner was a Guiness, Sirloin and Filet Mignon Chili. It was awesome!

I made Cincinnati Chili, which was good, but no match for the host’s, who hails from Cincinnati. His authentic chili, made with chocolate and served over spaghetti, came in second.

I’m still a winner. I’ve got leftovers.


2 Responses to “Weekend fun”

  1. wait wait wait. chili made with chocolate??? my mom made Cincinnati chili but not with chocolate

    • I didn’t make mine with chocolate either but authentic Cincy chili is made with chocolate or cocoa powder and sometimes cloved–oh yearh and cinnamon.

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