Super-easy dumbass Minestrone

GRIN # 304

Some of you are accusing me of a becoming a closet cook during my year of blogging. But I can assure you I cook from necessity only. I made two things last night to keep the Tiger at bay.

One was a ham and rice thing from a box which turned out okay. The other was a ham and pasta thing that was pretty gross. (The theme was “aging ham”).

That second one had such promise! I even used sour cream. As I always do in such situations, I began adding things to make it better, starting with cheese. First I added parmesan cheese. Nothing. Then mozzarella, which resulted only in gross, overcooked pasta with cheese strings in it. Tyler made gagging sounds and clutched his throat.

Finally, I added some expensive olive oil to the pasta. Jerry declared it edible  (I love that man!).

He is such a Hoover that both dishes will be gone by tonight. So I was thinking….what about a nice crockpot soup to get us through to Thanksgiving? I googled “Easy Minestrone Recipes.”

Several of them were great. But three or four read like this:

Combine two cans of Campbell’s Minestrone soup and add one can chicken broth, frozen vegetable and pasta. Simmer one hour and serve.

Seriously?! You would think this kind of recipe would be perfect for me, but COME ON!!

That is a recipe for an idiot.

Did I just call myself an idiot?

Maybe. But I’m standing firm.

I want Easy Minestrone, not Dumbass Minestrone.


2 Responses to “Super-easy dumbass Minestrone”

  1. What was wrong with this recipe. Super easy.

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