D.C., poop and piano

GRIN #311

Over the long holiday weekend, we watched Night at the Museum 2. What a good movie. I’m kind of old fashioned in that I like everything tied up neatly at the end, happily of course. And this movie delivered.

It takes place in Washington D.C. There was great scenery from the movie that reminded me of our family trip there last fall.

Tyler was six then, barely old enough to go, in my opinion. My niece, who works in D.C., got us a tour of the White House, which was a little lost on T. “How much longer do we have to stay in this really old house, Mom?”

We did the National Zoo, the Air & Space Museum and most of the monuments.

One day, though, Tyler was just cooked. All historied out. We went back to our hotel and decided everyone needed a little pool time and then we’d head back out for dinner and more sightseeing.

At the pool was an Asian boy about Tyler’s age and I enlisted both boys in a game called “Name A…” I practically grew up at the pool and this was a diving board game, where a person would call out “Name A….” while you were running down the plank . When you took that last bounce and were suspended over the water, he or she would yell the category. As in “Name a Fruit!” “Name a Cartoon!” “Name your Favorite Dessert!” You then had to shout out your answer before you landed or you were out.

The boys were excited to play. I decided our guest would go first. There was no diving board so I just had him get a running start a few feet from the pool.

“Name……something you do before bed!” I shouted.

“Practice piano!” the boy yelled before he hit the water. His dad smiled in approval.

Then it was Tyler’s turn.

Name…something you do before bed!” I shouted again.

“Poop!” he screeched, before splashing in.

Yep. That’s what my boy said. Poop.

I felt bad about that for a minute. 

Then again, if you don’t have your innards straightened out, piano doesn’t stand a chance.

Good call, T.


8 Responses to “D.C., poop and piano”

  1. Classic! “Poop Talk” never fails to make us giggle. Even my 2 year old’s been asking around the house “Who tooted? You toot? You?”

    • I think that’s one of the things that amazes me most about parenthood, Janice, all the talk about that type of stuff and not even thinking twice about it anymore:) Nothing is funnier to T than tooting or any variation on that theme.

  2. I totally forgot about that game! What great memories!:>) I wonder how I could change that into an indoor game?

  3. Oh! I had forgotten about Name a!! I loved that game and this just made me laugh so hard! 🙂

  4. hahahahah! Omy, i love it! Nothing like a little potty humor to get the day started!

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