Don’t snow on my parade

GRIN# 316

Last year it rained on my parade. This year it snowed.


Just a little more than a week past Thanksgiving, and we had fat snowflakes, sleet and freezing rain at the Apex Christmas Parade. There were about 20 people on our float and after waiting two hours in the lineup, we were soaking wet and freezing.

About an hour before the parade started we realized someone had locked the keys in the truck. Panic. There was a crack in the side window where the Tiger had run wiring and damn if he didn’t find a stick from the woods, slide it through the crack, and pop open the door. Like McGyver that one is.

Once we finally got rolling, a few of the teenage girls on our float started belting out Christmas carols. The rest of us followed suit, albeit it not as cheerily.

It was either sing or lapse into moaning and complaining. Kind of like laughing when you want to cry, I guess.

Afterwards we peeled off our clothes (not all together mind you!) and convened at the house for food (catered) and drink (alcoholic). Tyler sat on the heating vent for a good 20 minutes.

Entertaining is exhausting and my house is a wreck, but I think we all had an awesome time. I’m making progress on the clean-up.

AND I have leftovers.


2 Responses to “Don’t snow on my parade”

  1. Hey girl, you did an awesome job hosting this year – want to do it again next year? haha We had a great time and I think the snow made it even more festive don’t you think?

    • Thank you, Debbie. I hope everyone had fun:)) Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you’re the host. Oh yeah, by the way, the snow made it cold as hell!! Forget festive!! I am still getting warm. AND Jerry and I were just saying how much MORE fun it is when you host it. ahahahah.

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