Why we REALLY need friends…

GRIN #318

Friends are great for laughing with, confiding to and, yes, just hanging with. But here’s why you really need them: to notice if you go, ahem, missing.

CASE IN POINT: A 69-year-old woman from France was locked in her bathroom for three weeks before finally being rescued by firefighters. The poor woman banged on the pipes to call for help and the neighbors started a petition to have the noise stopped. They finally noticed they hadn’t seen her in a while and broke into her flat.

The second guy (and this is really bad), a proof-reader at a New York publishing firm, was dead at his desk for five days before a cleaning lady became suspicious when he wouldn’t wake up. Seriously?

As much as I love blogging and Facebook, you gotta get out into the world and connect with live, warm bodies.

Then again, the proof-reader, 51,  was in a room with 23 other workers when he suffered a heart attack and died.

“George was always the first one in each morning and the last to leave at night so no one found it unusual that he was in the same position all that time and didn’t say anything,” his boss said. “He was always absorbed in his work and kept much to himself.”


C’mon New Yorkers. I don’t think that would happen down South.

Just sayin’.


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