Sister update

GRIN # 322

A few of you have asked about Sister so I thought I’d give you an update.

She wasn’t doing so hot at all, and we were really dreading what might need to be done. It was like having a baby. I’d stay up with her at night until about midnight and sneak upstairs. A few hours later she’d realize I was gone and come upstairs pacing and whining, then Jerry would get up and come down and sleep in the living room with her. It was all part of the dementia she’s been diagnosed with.

But I’m happy to report that by some miracle this doggie Alzheimer’s medication has finally kicked in and she is back to her old self–sleeping at night and not keeping us awake with whining, crying and pacing. It’s such a relief to have the her back. We’re so grateful. I bought the old girl a striped sweater to celebrate. She’s almost 17 and is FINALLY getting a wardrobe.


2 Responses to “Sister update”

  1. That is so awesome! So glad to hear the old Sister is back!!! yaaaay!

    • I’m calling her “Mona” this morning because she’s been moaning at me for two hours straight to go outside and sit and turn into a popsicle. No! Shut up, Mona!!

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