You’re never too old to love your mama

GRIN # 324

I tutored this great kid about two weeks ago. It was a Friday afternoon, and we met at Panera. My job: to give him a crash course in nailing the SAT essay that he would take the very next day. That damn thing is tough–25 minutes to plan and write a five paragraph essay.

I basically teach to the test–make your points, give examples, be clear and, BAM, get out. On a test like this, you don’t have time to linger or use a bunch of flowery language. For the record, flowery language is highly overrated. We harp so much about details and urge our kids to write to excess when what is wanted is clear, concise writing. Doesn’t mean you can’t be creative or funny. Just not long-winded.

When meeting with a new student, I never know what I’m going to get. Would this guy be able to put  two words together or did I have to start from scratch?

This kid was great though–very smart and a senior at Enloe. He forgot a sample test he wanted to show me so he called his mom. She was going to drop it off.

“Thanks Mom. Love you,” he said. Right in front of me!

That’s awesome,” I said, wistfully. “My seven-year-old son won’t even let me hug him at the bus stop anymore.”

“I didn’t either,” he said. “So my mom and I made up a hand signal. And when she gave it I knew she was saying ‘I love you’ without embarrassing me.

I loved that. I told T about it that night. We decided making a fist would mean “I love you,” and the recipient would cross his or her fingers meaning, “Thank you” and “I love you” back.

I tried it out at his basketball game the next day. I gave Tyler the fist signal when he was on the court.

And he crossed his fingers right back.

Turns out that high school kid was onto something.

Corny and cool can coexist.


8 Responses to “You’re never too old to love your mama”

  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Not that Emma is embaressed, YET, but we do a 1/2 heart symbol to each other and sometimes we put them together and kiss through the heart. When we do it, it means, I love you no matter what!! I am feeling the love!:>)

  3. Sweet. I might have to piggy back this idea.

  4. those enloe kids are bright, huh!? 🙂

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