Saturday Evening News

GRIN # 329

Sitting here with the family watching the most depressing kid’s movie EVER: Wall-E.

I’m seriously hoping it gets better. It starts out with the world being trashed so badly by all the humans that they go to live in space while Wall-E robots clean it all up. Up in space, the humans are all grotesquely obese because they live in “hover” chairs and eat, eat, eat and buy, buy, buy. Nice.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten, but dang, I think the news is cheerier.

On another note, Jerry stunned me when he said he wanted all of us to “go shopping” today. That happens about once every 10 years or so. He wanted to look at some shoes at Kohl’s but said we all needed to “get out.” Hell, I’d been out. To basketball, the gym, the grocery store.

Still, I couldn’t resist. Jerry never goes shopping, and if I played my cards right I could slip in something for myself on his Kohl’s card.

It didn’t work out that way because he was too damn fast. We were gone a total of 40 minutes (driving included) and he got two pairs of shoes and Tyler got two pairs of shoes and three pairs of pants. I couldn’t even linger, let alone browse.

But I did get the Kohl’s cash coupons.

So Mama’s happy.


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