Massage for two

GRIN # 332

A rare thing is happening today.

Jerry and I are both getting massages.

No, not together. I don’t think that will ever happen.

He’s getting one because he’s in terrible pain. He’s done something to his back (squats and riding a bike to places most people drive).

Jerry hates massages. He hasn’t had one in about seven years, and I finally convinced him to go. The man has muscle clumps all over his body. They’re the size of baseballs. He should be doing yoga and getting massages on a regular basis.

It’s not gonna happen.

I, on the other hand, love massage. If I was a wealthy woman, forget the new house and cars. I want a massage a week. A day!!

I don’t know why Jerry hates massage. I think it’s the whole nakedness of it that freaks him out.

“How can you let someone touch you when you’re naked?” he asked me once.

I’m choosing to think he said that with incredulity and not disgust.

It ain’t right to pick a fight before a massage.

2 Responses to “Massage for two”

  1. I’ve got to side with Jerry on this one. Ick. I always go for a massage thinking that this time I’ll like it and I just don’t. I think I just don’t like someone I don’t know touching me while I’m nekkid.

    • I love that word: nekkid! That’s how Jerry feels about it too. I think you either love massage or hate it. Incidentally, I had a facial once and that was HORRIBLE!! I don’t like people touching my face. I even tell the masseuse, “You can skip my face.” So I do get his drift. He’s such a good sport with me pickin’ on him.

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